It's usually not a positive thing when you make the pages of TMZ. Actually, it's probably safe to say the goal should be to not have a story about you end up on TMZ - it's probably better that way. With that being said - a few Montanans have been featured on the popular tabloid site over the last few months and thankfully it hasn't been for anything negative.

There was a story from the beginning of the year, after people stormed the Capital Building in Washington, D.C., where a young Montana girl sent a heartwarming note to a police officer that was crushed in a doorway during the craziness. Another story just two weeks ago shared the story of a Montana man who claimed he found a bullet inside a bag of Cheetos he purchased at a convenient store. And just today, TMZ featured a pretty crazy video of a black bear chasing a man down a mountainside in Whitefish last year.

The video was originally posted by Montana Knife Company but TMZ featured the story on their website. Did you ever see anything about this video or the story? I'm not sure why it's just making the news now when it happened last year. Dang! That's not even a fair chase as the bear is able to cut across the mountain while the bike rider is doing their best to get down the path. Good thing this chase didn't go longer than it did or it might have had an unfortunate ending.

Whew! Talk about having quite the story to tell at the end of that bike ride! Although I would imagine when the person tells the story they leave out the part about having to change their bike shorts after that grand escape.

If you're wondering who was filming the video - there's conversation in the comment section of the video posted on Montana Knife Company's Facebook page where one commenter says it seems like the bear was spooked and not chasing the rider. Another poster claimed to be the one taking the video and replied: "this was taken from the chairlift. He was after the rider."

Pretty crazy. What will be the next Montana story to make the news with TMZ?

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