It was a wild sight to see - a group of people storming the Capital Building in Washington D.C. It was a pretty unbelievable thing to watch unfold in real time. The event has caused cities across the country to be on high alert during the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new President of the United States this week. Every state is beefing up security and paying extra attention to possible disruptions at their own Capital Buildings. And Montana is one of the states that has sent National Guard members to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration.

But if we take a step back from all the doom and gloom that's making headlines - we find a great story like this. A police officer was trying to protect the Capitol during the melee a couple weeks ago and he ended up getting crushed between protesters and a door. It's a pretty crazy video that gives an inside look to what the chaos was like inside the building. A story on TMZ tells how a 10-year-old Montana girl sent well wishes to the injured officer.

Emma Jablonski is from Billings and she wrote the officer a get well card and posted it on social media. Some of her thoughts included....."I hope you heal from being crushed" and "I almost cried." The Capitol police saw her message and responded by saying the officer was "recovering and doing well."

Word of the note reached Officer Daniel Hodges and he was able to have a video chat with Emma to thank her for her caring words. She's now sending her card in the mail so he can keep it.

What a great story from a fantastic Montana girl. Click the Facebook link above to see her note. Or view the story on the TMZ website HERE.

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