It wasn't long ago that we were sharing a story about the new 7R Bar that was getting ready to open on the rooftop of the new AC Hotel in downtown Missoula. That was back around the beginning of May and plans called for the bar to open around Memorial Day or shortly after. But it seems something has caused a decent delay in the plans.

The 7R Bar looks like it'll be quite the place to hang when it does finally get to open. After taking the elevator to the 7th floor of the six-story hotel, you'll step outside and take in views of Missoula from the top of the building. And you won't have to be staying at the AC Hotel to enjoy a beverage with stunning 360-degree views of Missoula.....the 7R Bar will be open to everyone! Watching the sun go down, seeing the lights of town, watching fireworks from a PaddleHeads' game - it should be a pretty awesome venue.

But first things first, it has to open. I'll be honest, I remember seeing the story about the anticipated opening and by now I figured that was already the case - that they were open. But a social media post from the AC Hotel has shared news that the target date for opening will be next year! Bummer!


We can’t wait to share these rooftop views with you when our 7R bar opens next year! Our timeline has extended a bit thanks to the pandemic, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait.

Stay tuned here for more information - we’ll keep you updated on the progress in our stories.

Until then, be sure to come enjoy a drink inside our AC Lounge!

Well, I guess we'll just have to hold onto our excitement for a bit longer. As if COVID didn't take away enough fun already - we can blame it for robbing us of the chance to enjoy a drink from the new 7R Bar.....for now. Details are vague so we're not really sure how COVID actually messed up the timeline of things between the first of May and now.....but it's just another reason we'll all be glad when this pandemic craziness is in the past.

Until they open up the rooftop, you can check out this tour and review of the new AC HOTEL in Missoula. And if you want to see it for yourself or book a room - they're at 175 N. Patee Street.

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