I think it's pretty obvious to see that the Seattle Seahawks are going to be a Super Bowl contender again this year. The team is lead by elite QB Russell Wilson who gets better every year. Their Defense is one of, if not the best in the league with the very hard hitting Legion of Boom! And being from the area it's easy for me to call them a favorite this year for winning it all. The hard part is trying to think of a team that is even close to how good this team truly is.

After thinking about it there are two teams that I think are very strong, maybe they can compete with my Seahawks. The first being frequent Super Bowl Champions the New England Deflaters Patriots. As long as Tom Brady is their QB, they have a chance to win it all. He is a great cheater competitor, even if you don't like him.

The second team I think that could have a chance this year is a team that plays the Seahawks twice each year, the Arizona Cardinals. I think the Cardinals have done very well for themselves the past few years building a strong defense. If I were a fan of the Cardinals I would be worried about QB Carson Palmer getting older but maybe he has a little left in the tank for a long run in the playoffs this year.


    Charene lost the bet!

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