We were talking about a story on the morning show the other day and part of the article we were reading had a screenshot of someone's text conversation. I made a comment that the most disturbing part of the story and picture was the 21 unread text message notifications. I said I can't function if there are unread texts or emails notifications on my phone. Mike jumped in and said he had over FIFTY-EIGHT THOUSAND unread emails on his phone! What? 58K???? How can one live with such unfinished business right there in front of you everyday?

We decided that heading to Facebook was the obvious next step in seeing if anyone could top 58k. We had no idea what crazy numbers we were about to see!

It didn't take long at all for Mike's number to be eclipsed. And by the end of the morning his 58k wasn't quite as impressive as it started out to be. We saw some amazing numbers start rolling in. 65k.....69k.....80k.....84k.....98k.....112k.....143k.....147k.....188k!

My favorite part of our post was the amount of people in the comment section that shared their feelings about those with so many unread emails:

  • "that makes my head hurt looking at it!"
  • "how can people function with those notification bubbles all over their screens?"
  • "how do people actually have that many? I’d have an anxiety attack!"
  • "oh my..... all these numbers and alerts are killing my OCD"

As I write this right now it looks like the leader is over 257,000! At that point I think I would delete my entire email address and just start over. Ha!

Has our quest to find the most unread emails in Missoula ended? Can you top 257k? Let us know if the bragging rights should rightfully belong to you!

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