Alright, it's game time, people. I just drove here from New York a few days ago, so I'm a little rusty when it comes to the restaurant scene in Missoula. So, I need your help.

My favorite thing to order in a restaurant is a cheeseburger. Especially when the place goes all-out and creates some kind of crazy and delicious burger no one has ever made before. So my question is, who has THE burger in Missoula? What restaurant/pub/bar/whatever has pooled their resources into creating the ultimate burger experience?

I did just have a really good one the other night at the Montana Club, but I want to hear from you. Is there a traditional burger you'll swear above all others? Is there some weird jalapeno concoction you want to recommend? Are you just a McDonald's fan? Comment and let me know!

And, if you could hurry up with the answer, that would be great. It's almost dinnertime.

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