We know you can't always listen in the morning. Heck, we know you might even choose not to listen! But we sure appreciate everyone that does take the time to start their day with us every weekday morning.

If you haven't joined us to get the day started - there's a little something for everyone!

  • The Reason To Play It Again at 6:10
  • Newsy & Noteworthy at 7:30
  • The Music City 60 in the 6AM and 9AM hours
  • Movies With Mike at 8:30
  • The Newsworthy Nugget Of The Day at 9:20

Just recently we've been able to start posting the daily show to on demand platforms. Missed the entire morning? Missed a certain segment? Want to hear something again? Want to show a friend where we messed up and sounded like fools? Now you can listen to the show on demand, after the show, beginning at 10 AM each day. It eliminates the music and gives you just the conversations from the morning.

Podcast on Apple

It's available on many of the major podcast providers. Find us on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Play, and Spotify. You should be able to find the show in any of the previously mentioned platforms if you search for "Smith and Nelson."

Podcast on Spotify

You can also listen to the show on demand from our KYSS-FM mobile app.

Podcast on KYSS-FM Mobile App
Podcast on KYSS-FM Mobile App


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