You either fall into one category or the other. You have costumes all picked out and ready to go weeks before Halloween arrives or you wait until the last minute to piece something together. Either way, the countdown to your candy collecting is on and you might as well put that costume on display as much as you can!

Quick side note, this was us one year ago!

I was looking through my phone for a Halloween picture or two from last year to include here but then I found this. We had snow one year ago! This is from October 21 of last year.........

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

...........and the one below is from October 22! Yikes!

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

Ah yes, back to the costumes

The forecast for Halloween looks like we'll be in the upper 40's for a high. Not exactly fantastic weather for flimsy costumes, but doable. Of course, if that's a little too chilly for your trick-or-treating preferences you can always head indoors with the Candy Crawl at Southgate Mall. And another way you can have some Halloween fun is by showing off your costume with the Missoula Family YMCA Virtual Costume Contest.

They introduced this event last year when everything was being postponed or canceled because of COVID. It was a hit and they're bringing it back for another go-round. The virtual contest is free to enter and anyone in the community can participate. It's also open to all ages and you can even submit pet photos.

How it works

Submit your photos and you might end up with an extra treat in your goodie bag. The top three costumes will win gift cards to local restaurants - 1st place = $100 to The Trough, 2nd place = $35 to Bernice's Bakery, 3rd place = $35 to Hoagieville. Winners will be chosen based on the number of likes each photo receives on the YMCA's Facebook page.

Entries will be accepted through October 24 and you can submit pictures from any Halloween costume you've had over the years. I feel like I shouldn't have to include the fact that they're asking for family-friendly pictures only. The fact that the YMCA has to point that out makes me think they must have received an interesting picture or two last year. Ha!

How to participate

Send your best Halloween costumes to Get more info HERE.

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