Finding a good Christmas gift is only half the battle, then you have to think of a place to hide the gift. You could always just put it under the Christmas tree but, everyone knows as soon as you put that gift under the tree whoever the gift is for, is most likely going to get a closer look and try to figure out what the gift is. A new survey shows I am not the only person that hides Christmas gifts before the big holiday.

A new survey by the self storage company Space Station reveals that 'Santa' hides 10% of his gifts in sheds. Other findings:

- 48% of Christmas presents are hidden in closets.

- 57% of Christmas presents are hidden in suitcases.

- 65% of Christmas presents are hidden at a friend's house.

- 53% of Christmas presents are hidden in a cupboard

The one suggestion I have is to NOT hide presents in your car. I have heard of lots of families who have done this and had their car broken into and gifts stolen. So whatever you do, don't hide Christmas presents in your car.

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