It wasn't long ago that I wasn't a dog person, and now I couldn't imagine life without one. My dog makes my life better. I love the companionship and the big hug I get from my dog Koda when I get home each day after work. Koda is a flat coat retriever who could still use some obedience training but I think he is perfect just the way he is.

We had Pugs and Cocker Spaniel dogs as I was growing up, we also had a big teddy bear of a rottweiler for a few years. None of which are my favorite breed of dog.

For some reason I have always loved the look and personality of boxers. Unfortunately I know that boxers have a higher chance of getting cancer than other dogs, but that could happen with any dog. I also love the look of a bulldog. Let's be honest, all dogs are adorable!

What kind of dogs have you had? And what is your favorite breed?

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