It's a pretty rough time when you have a pet go missing and you think you may never see it again. I remember my favorite cat didn't come home for multiple nights when I was a kid. I was down in the dumps over the thought of losing him but much to my delight, he did eventually return. Years later my wife and I had one of our cats disappear and she set out on a quest where she wouldn't rest until it was found. She spent weeks making flyers to post around neighborhoods, checked the animal shelters daily, and put an ad in the paper in those crazy times before Facebook. We never did end up getting that guy back.

A Montana man has a great story about being reunited with his lost dog

You have to love a story about never giving up the search and seeing an owner and their pet be reunited. A KPAX story shares how a Shepherd, MT man's dog ended up disappearing for a week before he was able to find her out in the harsh Montana cold. Roger Jacobs had Salty since she was a puppy and feared he would never see her again after she slipped through an open gate and didn't return. On day seven Salty was spotted and Roger's daughter was able to use her phone to record video of the moment the two were together again.

What was Salty up to for a week?

It sounds like Salty lost a few pounds and only suffered some minor injuries. The video has been shared around Facebook and well-wishers have left comments about how thankful they are to see that Salty was found. I think my favorite comment is the one that says, "Don't you wish she could tell you about her adventures!" It's pretty crazy to think about what she did, where she slept, and how she spent her time for a week. But the important part is she's back at home where she belongs!


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