Target? Best Buy? Wal Mart? What store takes most of your time? Over the past few weekends, my wife and I, like most couples have spent time shopping. Whether it is groceries or clothing it seems like that takes so much time.

I can tell you for myself, it's Best Buy. I love playing with electronics and all the new gadgets they have. I find myself looking at subwoofers or a new refridgerator for absolutely no reason. The store just sucks me in and an hour later I finally leave just hoping I still have a few bucks in my bank account.

For my wife it's Target. UGH! If I can get her through the door without stopping at the dollar section as you enter, that is a successful trip! I'm almost positive we cannot leave target under $40. Even if we just stop by for toothpaste, there is always something else that ends up in our shopping cart.

So, what store around Montana takes all of your time? And Money?

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