Best Buy

What Store Takes Most Of Your Time?
Target? Best Buy? Wal Mart? What store takes most of your time? Over the past few weekends, my wife and I, like most couples have spent time shopping. Whether it is groceries or clothing it seems like that takes so much time.
I can tell you for myself, it's Best Buy...
Missoula Shoppers Find Good Buys on Black Friday [AUDIO]
There were long lines, but shoppers were mostly happy about the deals they found on Black Friday morning.
I spoke with several shoppers outside Walmart, Southgate Mall and Best Buy early Friday morning. Most said they had found everything they wanted, many were looking for hot coffee, and almost all …
Best Buy Will Try Not to Ruin Christmas Again This Year
Last year, Best Buy made a bunch of their customers angry when they were unable to fill the orders taken on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to a lack of inventory. The company then failed to make its customers aware of this until just days before Christmas. Needless to say, Best Buy&CloseCurlyQuot…
Super Bowl Ads
Watching the Big Game on Sunday? More than 100 million people are expected to tune in for Super Bowl XLV and advertisers have packed their commercials with celebrities in hopes of capturing your attention.