This past weekend was really busy, but among all the craziness my wife found her new favorite Christmas ornament. We were at Rockin' Rudy's this past Saturday trying to get a little Christmas shopping done and my wife Savannah, oddly enough, found something that she loved. :)

Let me be the first to tell you my wife loves some of the most odd yet creative things ever. Which is part of the reason I love her. But the one thing she picked out while at Rockin' Rudy's was an ornament for our Christmas tree, the ornament is a Manatee.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

The ornament makes more sense because when vacationing in Mexico earlier this year we both had a blast swimming with Manatees. Although even after that really fun experience I would have never picked out a glass Manatee ornament with glitter on it. I'm just glad she loves the ornament that much!

What is your favorite Christmas ornament or decorations?


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