I'm generally not much of a costume guy for Halloween - usually, my costumes are on the lazy, easier side of things. One year I went as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, and all I did was wear a red hoodie and a beanie after not shaving for a few days. Another year, I was Bob from Bob's Burgers - I wore a white shirt, white paper apron, and a fake mustache, and that was it. If I can find a creative-ish costume that allows me to be cheap and not put much effort in, that's my Halloween sweet spot.

But I know that people love dressing up for Halloween and going all-out on their costumes, and that's an awesome thing. I love seeing full makeup jobs and elaborate outfits that really show a lot of love and care put into the costume.

And some people put all that into a cool, unique costume... while others just do the same unoriginal thing everyone else is doing. Witches, ghosts, vampires, all that stuff. Not like MY costumes, which are lazy but at least they're different!

Zippia looked at every state in the US and figured out what each one's most weirdly popular Halloween costume is - the costume that is way more popular there than anywhere else in the country. So what was Montana's?

Honestly, not that weird a choice - it was Batman. Which I guess is more specific than your typical goblins and ghouls, but you always see Batman pretty much everywhere on Halloween night (I mean, he's got a lot of ground to cover, what with all the Jokers out there, too).

There are some weirder ones on the map, though - like Nevada's choice was Cruella De Vil, New Hampshire's was The Purge, and Hawaii's most popular were costumes from the video game Among Us.

Have you got a weird or oddly specific Halloween costume this year? Think you can beat my costume from last year, where I shaved most of my beard but left the sideburns and went as H.I. McDunnough, Nicolas Cage's character from Raising Arizona?

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