I wonder if there were some scary moments at the Spirit Halloween store in Missoula the last few days as they get ready to open this week. And I'm not talking about an employee being alone in the store late at night with all the creepy displays that move and make noise. I'm talking about the scary feeling that a store manager must have had when they were thinking "are we going to be able to find people to staff this seasonal store?" It seems like nobody wants to work a regular job these days - let alone a seasonal one. On that note - did you see this cool offer that a local business put out there to anyone that has had their job affected by businesses that are having to close because of the worker shortage? Pretty cool gesture.

I've been so caught up in thinking about school starting next week that I haven't even had a thought about Halloween sneaking up on us. But, sure enough, it's just over two months until the ghouls and goblins come knocking on the door in search of candy to fill their buckets.  I was slapped upside the head with reality today when I saw a post on Facebook that said the Spirit Halloween store in Missoula will open on Wednesday (8/25.) Now I have a big decision to make.....do I go with my tried-and-true Grinch costume - or switch things up a bit and go for a new look this year? Either way, I'll be spending plenty of money in the store for my kids to get costumes.

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

Is it just me or is Spirit Halloween opening earlier this year than they have in the past? Have they always opened before the kids were even back in school? I was trying to think about when they've opened the last few years but I honestly can't remember if it was in August or September. Either way, they're ready to roll and you can save 20% on any single item online or in the store with this coupon (through 9/3.)

There's no official word on the website yet - but from the picture posted on Facebook it looks like the hours for Spirit Halloween are as follows: CLOSED Monday and Tuesday, 11 AM - 7 PM on Wed/Thur/Fri, 10 AM - 8 PM on Saturday, and 11 AM - 6 PM (or 8 PM.....the picture is a bit blurry) on Sunday.

If you're ready to start putting together your costume and accessories - visit Spirit Halloween in Missoula at 1212 Longstaff St. - next to the old Diamond Bar Meats.

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