The comment has been made for years about how much Missoulians would love an Olive Garden restaurant. I am a huge fan of their salad and breadsticks, and their pasta is really good. But there are things that I would like more in Missoula than an Olive Garden restaurant.

The first thing that pops into my head would be more things to do, especially family based activities. I don't have kids, but even when my nieces and nephews come to town we visit the same places almost every time. Which I love going to the Kids Museum and Dragon's Hollow but I wish there was more.

So, if I had to say one thing specifically that I would want more than an Olive Garden in Missoula it would be an Indoor Mini Golf course. I would be fine to play outdoors but in Missoula you would probably need something indoors just due to the weather. If you could have any business open in Missoula other than an Olive Garden what would you want?

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