During my pre-season prep for big game hunting, I emptied out my back pack and took inventory of everything. I made sure that everything I put back into my pack was essential to the hunt. It is funny how a pack doesn't feel heavy until you pack it miles into your hunt. Then you might as well be hauling bowling balls. We at KYSS FM  have teamed up with our friends at Cabela's and want to know "What 5 things do you need at your deer camp?"

Have fun and be creative. Outside of the obvious "must haves," like knives and a rifle, what other things are essential to hunting camp? I know for a fact that I could not function without coffee in the morning and a can of kipper snacks in my pack.

Tell us what 5 essentials you need for your Deer Camp and we will put you in a random drawing for a $50 gift card to Cabela's. Deadline to enter is midnight October 23rd, with 2 winners announced October 24th with Billy and Charene.

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