There are literally odds for everything out there. Even odds on how big of a chance you may have at losing your life by an animal. In an article titled 'Man Vs Beast' they dive into the data of how likely each state is to get killed by an animal. Where did Montana land?

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For Montana the likely hood that you get killed by an animal is the highest in the nation! Coming in at number one, with the odds of 1 in 647,600. How would it happen? Well the most common one is to get bitten or truck by another mammal.

When animals attack from shares some details on Montana and national numbers.

Number of snake species in Montana: 10

Venomous snakes species in Montana: 1

Reported snakebites in Montana each year: 5-6

Number of deaths by snakebite in Montana in last 5 years: 0

Reported cougar attacks in last 100 years in U.S.: 12

Likelihood of being killed by a dog bite in the U.S. this year: 1 in 8,148,143

Likelihood of being killed by a bee, wasp, or hornet this year: 1 in 5,954,412

Deer are considered the deadliest animal overall in the US but overall the Hippo is the most dangerous human. Don't let their size fool you for being slow and lazy.


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