Now that the weather is starting to warm up in many parts of the country, it’s time to think seriously about plans for trips in summer.
And because of all the travel apps out there – and sites like Craig’s List – you can add a lot of different things to your trip than you ever could before.
According to Thrillist, here are some of the weirdest things you can rent when you travel:

  • A person to stand in line – In New York City, a company called Same Ole Line Dudes offers professional stand-in-line services so that you can goof off in Central Park and still get tickets to a Broadway show. For a an extra charge, they'll even deliver the tickets to you.
  • A puppy – For $15 an hour, dog lovers visiting Utah, and missing their pooch at home, can enjoy some playtime with a puppy.
  • Crowd of fans or paparazzi – Just because you’re not famous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like you are. In New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the company Celeb 4 a Day allows you to hire fake paparazzi to follow you around and take your picture.

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