We heard from Vivaca Crowser, Information and Education Program Manager for MT Fish Wildlife and Parks with the exact number of Bull Elk that came through the Darby check station this season. So, the exact number this year was 241 Bull Elk. Which is up from just 161 last season, lots of happy hunters this year. For the past six weeks or more we have been asking listeners to predict how many Bull Elk they thought would come through the Darby check station and the winner was going to win $500 to Sportsman's Wearhouse! The second place guess would win $250 to Sportsman's Wearhouse. Not too bad just for making a guess.

Well, we have our winners!

Our first place winner is Jon Shaffer with the guess of 242 Bull Elk.

Second place goes to Sherry Walters-Blaisdell with the guess of 243 Bull Elk.

No one guessed exactly correct, but pretty close.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year in the Bunch of Bull contest!



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