Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight, Saint Patrick or an actual leprechaun? Well, it sounds like you may soon get an answer to that question.

Walking Corpse Syndrome is gearing up for a LIVE show this weekend at Monk's. In preparation for the show, WCS has been making a series of promo videos to share on social media. There is only one little problem. No, it is not the production quality. No, it is not the intended content of the promo. It is the mere fact that Saint Patrick himself, and a real leprechaun have been hijacking the promos.

In classic WWE-style banter, both Saint Pat and Lepre-KHAN have some beef with each other. The promos start off with a straightforward message. Only to be interrupted by the ongoing "smack-talking."

In the following promo, Matt of Walking Corpse uses a cold snap in Missoula as an opportunity to promote the show. At least he tries before his video feed is cut short by Saint Patrick himself. (NOTE: St Pat looks a lot like our pal Kromdar.)

Walking Corpse Syndrome continue their efforts to promote the show. Even going as far as to try and release new footage of a Nu-Metal mash-up. That is until things are rudely interrupted by "Lepre-KHAN the Destroyer." (NOTE: Lepre-KHAN looks kinda like Paul from Ceres.)

Just recently, Matt of Walking Corpse Syndrome tries yet again to promo the show. Only to have St Pat muscle his way in.

After trying their best to spread the word on the show, it appears the feud between St Pat and KHAN continues. Therefore WCS has confirmed that a battle royale will take place at the upcoming show. This way the two foes can finally settle their issues with each other.

Did I mention there is going to be LIVE metal music also? YEAH! 3 bands actually. Blessiddoom, Dashboard Carl, and WALKING CORPSE SYNDROME will all be hooking up a live show. Not to mention stand-up comedy also thrown in the mix. Plus, if your name is Patrick or Patricia, you GET IN FREE!

Bands: Walking Corpse Syndrome, blessiddoom, Dashboard Carl
Comedians: James Johnson, Dan Trimble
When: March 12, 2022, 9pm
Where: Monk's, 221 Ryman St, Missoula, MT
Info: Ages 21 and up, $10. Patricks and Patricias get in for free (Must show ID)
Monks Bar/Facebook
Monks Bar/Facebook


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