Normally, we're sending out the warning to stay away from any wild animals you might happen upon. We're always sharing videos of clueless tourists at places like Yellowstone - and using them as examples of what not to do when it comes to animal interaction. In any other case we wouldn't encourage this behavior - so this will probably serve as the only time we'll crack a smile and cheer for someone to try and ride a buffalo......or get gored by one.

Have you seen this video?

Have you seen this on social media? It looks like it's been around a bit but I hadn't seen it until this week. It's shot to look like a group of onlookers marveling at buffalo in the wild. A man and women in a car are filming and see one guy start walking toward the animals with phone in hand. The couple are providing commentary and talking about how the guy is going to get injured by being a moron and getting too close while trying to get a selfie. The next thing you know, the guy decides he's going to jump on a buffalo and take a ride - bareback style!

It's right at this point you realize there's movie magic happening with some special effects. Maybe not the best special effects - but that's the part that actually makes it even funnier.

After falling off the buffalo, the man stands up to celebrate his feat.....and ends up getting gored at the end of the video. And by gored I mean he jumps backwards before ever being hit in another awkward edit. Haha! It's totally fake, but you kind of have to love the cheesy narration and the obvious digital effects.

I'm not sure who produced the video. It doesn't show that it's affiliated with any organization or an advertisement for anyone. At the end it just shows "Don't Pet the Buffalo" on the screen.

The video is fun.....but my favorite part might be the comment section where I saw the video posted. Even though there's a ton of posts calling the video seems like every additional viewer feels like they have to add their confirmation that it's a phony. Hope you got a chuckle out of it!

And I feel like I don't have to mention it - but then again, you just never know - don't try anything crazy like you see in the video when it comes to any encounters you might have with animals! And if you want to check out some buffalo - plan a trip to Yellowstone or the National Bison Range here in Montana.

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