Tomorrow marks the beginning of the spookiest month of the year. October is here and it is time to start freaking each other out, as much as possible. If COVID 19 hasn't already got your mind in constant fear of something you cant see. Then it might be nice to take a break from that, and start fearing other things you cant see. Things from a different dimension that go "bump" in the night. It is time for a good ol fashioned scare.

So what it the scariest place in Montana? That is debatable, since Montana has such a rich history of pain and violence. But, when you think of a paranormal "hot spot" in Montana, you think of the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, MT. Local paranormal investigation group, Tortured Souls Investigations, has made the trip to investigate the prison multiple times. And, I can tell you from first hand experience, that there are some unexplainable things that are happening in that location. Everything from cell doors closing on their own, to disembodied whistling and voices.

The Old Montana State Prison is one of the most haunted places in the state. It's reputation is known throughout the world of paranormal investigators. So much so that Travel Channel's hit show "Ghost Adventures" made a stop in Deer Lodge back in 2015. The GA crew spent the night locked down inside the prison. The prison did not disappoint the Ghost Adventures team.

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