2020 has been a strange year for doing anything we would think of as "normal." The "new normal" has managed to put us further and further towards the plot of "The Matrix." Our lives have went from somewhat reliant on technology, to almost fully reliant on technology. During the lockdown, many Americans learned how to do their jobs remotely. Meaning that they were engaging with co-workers or clients via Zoom and remotely accomplishing work related tasks via the internet.

Even events that a reliant on in person participation have moved into the virtual route. Charity walks and fundraisers are now being held remotely. Even concerts and church services are being held via the internet and streaming. Whats next? Can we go hunting via the internet? Waterfowl season here in Montana opens on Saturday (10/3/20) and lots of people are planning on taking to the field in hopes of bagging some birds. But, after you add up the cost of the state and federal licensing, ammo, travel and firearms, it can get expensive. So why doesn't duck hunting go virtual too?

We all remember the classic NES game "Duck Hunt." Who can forget that dog laughing everytime you missed? Imagine being able to enter your 1980's style television, and immerse yourself in the game. Oculus and HTC Vive have a game that is one part nostalgia and one part horror movie. It is simply called "Duck Season."

Check out rapper Big Smo review the game on Rated Red Gaming.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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