This has been a question a lot of people have been wondering recently because if the super volcano ever erupted the damage would be massive.

A YouTube channel named RealLifeLore that has over four million subscribers came out with a video today that already has over one hundred thousand views about what would happen if Yellowstone actually erupted.

The video goes over what would not only happen around Yellowstone but to the United States and the world. Montana would essentially be gone and that would be a huge bummer. Then again, the whole world would have issues if Yellowstone ever decided to blow.

I love the science behind this video though, they go in depth on what would happen leading up to the eruption so we would know before hand if Yellowstone happened to erupt. Plus, if Yellowstone did ever erupt that it would cool the planet by at least 10 degrees for a decade. That's wild.

Even though the eruption of Yellowstone was depicted in the disaster film 2012, that was just for show. Even though the damage would be horrific and just as bad, at least we would have a warnings beforehand.

That whole scene was terrifying and made me rethink about living in the Bozeman area.

Listen, Yellowstone won't erupt anytime soon. According to scientists, the dormant volcano probably won't erupt for another 10,000 years so we have time to enjoy Yellowstone and all of it's beauty for now.

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