While there will be no cheesy references to Aerosmith, we do want to wish Happy Valentine’s to all you hopeless romantics out there.

Undoubtedly many of you use this occasion to take a little time to reflect on those early days in the relationship with your special someone, how you met, what clicked, how did you know he or she was the one. Which leads to a delightful tale of an elevator, a dormitory, chairs, milk and music.

Centennial Circle surrounds the grizzly bear statue in the middle of the University of Montana campus. Those who have walked through this part of campus have no doubt seen the engraved bricks that border the walkways. Many of the bricks contain messages purchased by those whose lives were positively influenced by their time at UM.

Our friends at the University of Montana News Service had their curiosity piqued by a rather unique brick engraving order recently. The brick reads, “Morgan and Sam Found Love in a UM Elevator.” So they went to work on the backstory and shared it with us.

Image courtesy of UM News Service
Image courtesy of UM News Service

In 2016, Morgan Eliasson and Sam Brown were young students at the University of Montana. Morgan, from Roundup, Montana, was studying elementary education. Sam, from Auburn, Washington, was drawn to the university by its resource conservation program.

Both students were living in Jesse Hall, Morgan on the ninth floor, Sam on the third. Morgan had a number of friends on the third floor and spent some of her free time there, which is how she initially met Sam. The two hit it off and started seeing more of each other.

One day during the doldrums of a Missoula winter, Morgan and Sam decided to form an impromptu welcoming committee for fellow Jesse Hall residents. They set two chairs in the elevator. Sam brought music and a carton of milk. They shared both and a spirit of goodwill with all ascending and descending students.

Image courtesy of UM News Service
Image courtesy of UM News Service

And like that brick on Centennial Circle, purchased by Morgan’s sister, Cassie, the relationship was cemented on solid ground.

It’s unlikely there are too many elevators in Condon, Montana. Sam didn’t care. That’s where he chose to propose to Morgan, who accepted.

And that’s the floor on which our story exits. They were married on June 26, 2021 and continue to live and work in Missoula, Morgan for Woodman School, Sam for onX Maps.

No word on how often they visit the brick or ride the Jesse Hall elevator.

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