Hip hip hooray for concerts, events, and activities that are starting to slowly return to our lives. We're not quite where we want to be just yet when it comes to concerts - as some have been postponed for another year and won't happen until 2022 - but quite a few that were supposed to come our way last year have already announced plans for the coming months. I'm personally sitting on tickets to a couple of shows that were postponed but still haven't had any update on when they might take place. So I'm getting antsy to see what the next few weeks will hold when it comes to concert news.

At the beginning of April we told you about the Under the Big Sky Festival and their plans to return with a weekend event full of music and camping. By the official rules of the concert guidebook I say we still refer to this as the second annual event even though they technically had to skip a year. It's was a pretty fun deal when they held their first festival in 2019. and as we get back to live shows, it sounds like a lot of people are excited about this one.

The Facebook page for Under the Big Sky Festival gave fans a helpful hint and reminder about getting tickets before they're gone. They say they've sold 90% of tickets and expect to be COMPLETELY SOLD OUT by the weekend! There's also a bonus night of music this year to make it a Friday-Sunday event, so it's definitely a ticket that's going to be in demand.

The festival has been doing their best to block ticket scammers. They issued a statement about being careful if you buy from third-party sellers. And if you aren't able to get tickets before the show sells out - they've announced the plan to introduce a secure ticket exchange site where you might still be able to get tickets without paying ridiculous resale prices.

Are you still reading this? I really thought by now you would have clicked the link above to see if you could still purchase tickets to Under the Big Sky '21 before they're gone!

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