If your Twinkie lasts more than four hours you should see your doctor. No, wait, I'm confusing stamina-related products here. What I'm trying to say is Twinkies will increase their shelf life by 43 per cent! Now you may have already thought they lasted decades, but not so. According to Associated Press, when Twinkies return to stores next week, they will have a shelf life of 45 days compared to the former 26. Hostess says the change to extend the shelf life was actually made by the old company that went bankrupt, with the marathon Twinkies hitting shelves late last year. Hostess reportedly will also start freezing some of its cakes to extend their shelf life. That means Twinkies could be delivered to stores frozen and retailers could stamp their own expiration dates on them. So, welcome back Twinkies. And do you think anybody really looks at the expiration date on a package of them anyway? DB

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