Hats off to Neptune Aviation. They celebrated their 20th anniversary on Saturday with an open house. What an open house it was.We stopped out and were astonished by the turnout. I’d guess well over a thousand people attended. There was free food and refreshment, static displays of their aircraft and live music. It was a very good time.

Another well-known business observed their 20th anniversary recently.  Ace Hardware owners Meg and Stew Weis came out here from Chicago and took over the hardware store in Trempers Shopping Center. Since then they have grown their business to five stores in Missoula (2), Polson, Ronan and Kalispell, employing 165 people. They made a name for themselves initially with some clever, creative commercials. They’re big time skiers and joggers and it’s not unusual to see Stew trotting the side streets of Missoula. They fit right into the Missoula community. Congratulations to Ace Hardware.