Neptune Aviation announced on Wednesday that passenger flight service between Missoula and Billings will begin on September 3, 2015.

According to a news release from Neptune Aviation:

Neptune will offer two roundtrip flights per week to Billings every Tuesday and Thursday.   The service is designed for Missoula-area individuals and companies that travel frequently to Billings who want to get there and back on the same day.

Neptune’s plans call for a membership based flight program offering 1, 2, or 4 roundtrips to Billings every month.

“If you or someone in your company travels to Billings at least once per month, a Neptune Membership is perfect for you,” said Neptune Aviation CEO Ron Hooper. “A Neptune Membership eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time associated with your current travel options to Billings.Neptune will get you there and back on the same day.”

Neptune Aviation’s FAA 135 Charter Certificate allows Neptune to fly unlimited traditional charters in North America,Hawaii,Mexico, and the Caribbean. Neptune will continue to offer “traditional” charter flights along with the new “scheduled” service to Billings.

“Our current FAA 135 Charter Certificate limits the number “scheduled” flights we can offer each week. When we launch flights toBillingsin September, we will start with 2 round trips per week with limited seating on each flight,” Hooper said. “Based on FAA rules, we have the option to offer 2 additional “scheduled” flights per week, which we hope to add to the membership program later in the year.”

Hooper suggests that frequent travelers to Billings act quickly to sign up for a Neptune Membership.

“Our first round of memberships will be limited to 25 individuals and companies. Based on the input of the Missoula community, memberships will sell out quickly. There is a real demand for flight service between Montana’s two largest communities.”