Summer time seems like a time of forward thinking on healthier lighter eating. This is something I have tried and started something new recently.

You may have scene this new healthy routine circulating social media. Daily Harvest says they are Chef-Crafted Foods:

Harvest Bowls
Oat Bowls
Chia Bowls

I have tried out Daily Harvest and here is what I think so far. The smoothies are amazing, and the coffee is great with healthy additives like lions mane. There are two different types if coffee. The food is a little sparse but healthy. I have not tried any soup but enjoyed the oat bowls soaked overnight.

You order weekly and can skip weeks otherwise you will get charged and mailed your cups/bowls. You can get a discount to try it. It's worth the try but make sure you cancel or skip your weeks. You can change your weeks order every week too.


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