The "Big Dance" is only a few days away, and it is time to fill out your shopping list. In case you forgot, the Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food related holiday, next to Thanksgiving. So it is time to stock up on all the snacks you have been trying to stay away from since you made that new years resolution.

General Mills recently crunched the numbers and dug up data on what Super Bowl related dishes were searched for the most in each state. Some of the most popular dishes are chilli, wings and "sausage cheese balls." Sounds intriguing.

For us here in Big Sky Country, we like our Super Bowl snacks with a little spice, and just enough cheese to guarantee the weight will go straight to our asses. The most searched recipe in Montana is for "Buffalo Chicken Dip."

According to, it is pretty simple to construct. You'll need a few simple ingredients and of course a big bottle of Franks Red Hot.

Its "everybody in the pool." Mix all ingredients in a bowl and spoon into a baking dish. Put dish in the over for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. When heated through, garnish with green onion and serve with chips, or I like to cut up a big baguette and toast it a little. Because, you know, CARBS!

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