Floating the river is an annual rite as cherished to Missoulians as the farmer's market and Grizzly football games. Even though the river is a few summer days away from being in prime floating condition, you can get ready for that perfect day - after all it's just around the corner. Start getting ready now.

Amaze friends and fellow floaters alike by tricking out your float tube. Most of the add-ons below can be crafted from stuff lying around the house, or purchased for a few bucks at a hardware store.


Photo courtesy of Flickr/Peter Charbonnier
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    Beverage Coozy

    The most economical way to attach a beverage coozy to your float tube is duct tape. For the more sophisticated crowd, Velcro can be used. Make sure to clean and dry your tube before attaching duct tape or Velcro. Every floater needs a place to put his or her beverage so he or she can navigate the river with both hands.

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    Rope and Mesh Bag

    The rope with a mesh bag is a must-have for any serious floater. A rope or strap that loops completely around your tube and is buckled or tied off is incredibly useful. Once you have this, you can strap pretty much anything to it with a carabiner, or if you are not that classy, duct tape. Not only is the mesh bag useful for empties, but the river keeps full beverages cold. We can all do our part to keep our empties with us and keep the river clean.

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    Radio and Ziploc Bag

    Wherever you are, you don't want to be without great music. Protect your music by wrapping a small radio or phone safely inside a plastic bag. Once again, this can be attached to your cruiser via duct tape. (We are not liable for any waterlogged radios.) Other things you can put in your waterproof bag include a sandwich (you can't order pizza to the Clark Fork), sunscreen and a water bottle.

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    Umbrella/Fishing Pole Holder

    For the sun-sensitive individuals out there who want to enjoy the hot temperatures without burning, consider an umbrella holder. Strap a piece of PVC pipe with one end covered onto your ship. The nice thing about the umbrella holder is that it can double as a fishing pole holder as well.

    Photo courtesy of Flickr/Alan Alfaro
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    Squirt Gun and Holster

    You need to defend your flotilla from other floaters. The best way to do this is with a squirt gun. I wouldn't recommend squirting anyone you don't know - but chances are you'll see someone you know on the river. The best part about bringing a squirt gun on the river is you never run out of ammo. Add a rope to the squirt gun and attach it to the 'utility belt' rope around your tube.

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