Where are the best places to float the Clark Fork River? Where are the safe launch points to load and unload your floats or drift boats? Thanks to our friends at King Fisher Fly Shop, we have a few recommendations to help you enjoy the most of what this exciting river has to offer, including maps!

From a leisurely float down the river, to exciting ripples, currents, and even a few log jams to avoid, here are the Top 5 places to float the Clark Fork River (in no particular order).


  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/Susan Sharpton
    Photo courtesy of Flickr/Susan Sharpton

    Clinton to Turah

    Clinton to Turah is a more advanced journey offering up a few more twists and turns than the rest. It is a 10-mile excursion for adventure seekers. Featuring more rapids than most, this not-too-lazy float may be better suited for the skilled enthusiasts.

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/bearlusty
    Photo courtesy of Flickr/bearlusty

    Kelly Island to Harper Bridge

    Another great launch site is Kelly Island to Harper Bridge. If you have a boat or a raft, this is one place that has a cement ramp. Plan on making it a day trip and let out on the downstream of Harper's Bridge. A smooth sailing experience either way.


  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/Blaine Fisher
    Photo courtesy of Flickr/Blaine Fisher

    Rest Stop Between Alberton and Cyr to Tarkio

    This is another wild water adventure that will not be for the faint-hearted. Launch from the rest stop between Alberton, MT and Cyr, MT and prepare for a crazy ride. Both places have easy entry and exit points.



  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/Ellen Jo
    Photo courtesy of Flickr/Ellen Jo

    Forest Grove to Superior

    You might want to lather yourself in sun tan lotion for this all day float. Cement and sand ramps greet you on either end, with non-technical water to not rock the floats too much.

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr/Hobbs8Calvin
    Photo courtesy of Flickr/Hobbs8Calvin

    Superior to St. Regis

    Another all-day adventure awaits with a more leisurely approach. A little less violent than most of the others, only the occasional swift runs will get the blood pumping toward the end of the 10-mile stretch.

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