Earl Dibbles Jr... YEE YEE.

In case you're out of the loop, Earl Dibbles Jr. is the alter ego of country music star Grainger Smith. Think of his Dibbles is a stereotype of a hick. I think that's the best way to put it. Dibbles sings songs like Country Boy Song while Smith sings songs more akin to Backroad Song

Both are talented and both have a taste for comedy, too. His Instagram page is loaded with memes. It's, actually, all memes as I look at it right now. Recently, Dibbles' page posted a meme taking a light-hearted jab at Montana. Do not take this seriously and get your feelings hurt by a silly meme like this. We don't have electricity.


I doubt Dibbles made the meme itself, but dangit that is funny. "They make electric cars, but 99% of Montana doesn't have electricity yet. If you need us we'll be riding our horses to work while fighting off bears and big cats."

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He makes a great point. How are we supposed to focus on making electric cars instead of giving us electricity in Montana? Every time I make dinner I need to ride my horse down to the Clark Fork River, scoop up some water, haul it back to the barn I live in, heat up the water and boil the rabbit I shot early in the day. Wink, wink.

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Some of the comments on the post had me cackling too.

  • "Prob cause jack sh#t lives out there" - Jax
  • "8 million cows, 350 people. Just like we like it." - Jonesy
  • "As a Montana, this is true, I spend most of the summer chopping firewood for winter" - Kevin

I love all the humor. Some people took it too seriously and seemed kind of bothered by it. Don't take it too seriously, gang... laugh about it.

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