Top 5 Places to Raft the Clark Fork River
Where are the best places to float the Clark Fork River? Where are the safe launch points to load and unload your floats or drift boats? Thanks to our friends at King Fisher Fly Shop, we have a few recommendations to help you enjoy the most of what this exciting river has to offer, including maps!
6 Outdoor Activities
I’m always looking for things to do on my days off in the summer. I hate lying around at home and trying to figure out what to do. All I want to do is get out and enjoy the sunshine and summertime while it’s here. To help those of you out who are like me, I&CloseCurly…
H20 No, Not Again
It seems that flooding season is upon us again. Most of us were glad to see last year’s unusually bad season come to an end and hope to never see a season like that again. We may all be disappointed.

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