's pretty warm out there. How are you dealing with temperatures in the triple digits? If you're looking for ways to keep cool - check out our list of 15 ways to beat the heat.

At least Western Montana is only seeing temps that are barely above 100 degrees. It's hot - but at least we're not "hottest day ever on record" hot. I'll take 102 compared to what places like Seattle and Portland are experiencing. It was 115 in Portland yesterday. That's more of what you expect in the middle of a Nevada desert than in Oregon. Seattle? Rainy Seattle that sees stores sell out of fans and AC units anytime the temperatures sniff 95 degrees? They were at 107 yesterday! Those are both record highs. And we're not talking record highs for a day.....we're talking the highest temperatures the cities have ever recorded!

So even though we're not getting blasted with unheard of temperatures - the weather is still causing some disruptions. The Missoula City-County Health Department was supposed to have their mobile COVID-19 testing clinic in Seeley Lake today.....but they've canceled the event because of the high temperatures.

The following statement was posted on the MCCHD Facebook page: "Due to the excessive heat Missoula County will experience this week, the Health Department will not conduct our mobile COVID-19 testing in Seeley Lake this afternoon. On Thursday afternoon, the Health Department will only conduct testing in Frenchtown by appointment only. If you live in the Frenchtown area and need a COVID-19 test on Thursday, please call 406-258-INFO. We are in Clinton this morning and we will be in Lolo on Thursday morning as usual."

The weather might have you altering plans when it comes to COVID testing. But if it's a COVID vaccine you're looking for - there's a couple places you can get a free vaccination with the MCCHD's mobile vaccination clinic.

Stay cool and stay safe with these toasty temps. And get the details HERE on how you can spot the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

15 Ways To Beat The Western Montana Heat

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