For months here in Western Montana we were wondering where the snow was, and when it was going to get here. Well it has arrived now, and the cold temperatures are here with the snow. As we all bundle up and turn up the heat in our homes, we need to do a few things to take care of our dogs too. Here are just a few things to remember when caring for your dogs in these cold temps.


  • Getty Images, Ryan Pierse
    Getty Images, Ryan Pierse

    Don't Leave Dogs Outside For Long Times

    In the summertime it is no big deal to leave your dog outside all day long. In these cold temps that could cause serious injury to your dog. Make sure to bring your dogs inside and let them warm up.

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    Make Sure Your Dog Has Shelter Outside

    Even in these cold temperatures your dog is still going to want and need to go outside. Create some sort of shelter outside for them. Something that allows them to get their paws out of the elements.

  • Funny videos, YouTube
    Funny videos, YouTube

    Make Sure They Have Water

    With these cold temps were experiencing, it is very easy for our dogs water to freeze over. If this happens our dogs can become dehydrated quickly, they need fresh clean water at all times.

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    Can't Sleep On The Ground

    As we learned already being outside in these temps are a bad idea. And even being inside on a very cold surface is a bad idea for our dogs to be sleeping. Make sure your animals have something warm and preferably soft to lay on.

  • John Mayo-Smith, YouTube
    John Mayo-Smith, YouTube

    Don't Leave Your Dog In Your Car

    This can end up just a tragic as leaving a child in a hot car in the summer. These cold temps can really hurt your four legged friends, don't ever leave them in your car, even for a short period of time.

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