It is no lie that divorce is so much more common now then it was 30 years ago but Montana is still holding strong with less then 50%. 

So we thought we would ask the Kyss listeners how long they have been married and what is their key.

A lot of people said communication is key, loving selflessly, and hiding nothing from the other.

Here were some great Facebook posts too. I am taking notes!

Joycedein Jones said: Almost 2 years, we don't fight. Maybe the occasional disagreement but we sit down and calmly talk about it. When there is something that needs guidance we pray. God will help find an agreeable solution. We always say I love you and mean it, never leave each others presence with out a kiss and never go to bed upset. We have a baby and a house we own that is falling apart but still never fight.

Angie Mock said: 22 years and 3 beautiful children together....accepting each others opinion, respecting and acting respectful to each other, and all of the little things like fixing the others toothbrush, or a cup of coffee....patience and understanding through the tough days and when needed, have the conversations that mean something. Daily kisses, hand holding, and giving each other affection goes a long way in our busy life!

Patty Jo: 36 years of honey mooning. We listen to each other and do not jump to conclusions. Still hold hands and my lover still opens the door for me


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