Owning a town would be cool wouldn't it? Aladdin, WY is up for sale but no magic lamp is included.

This town is actually quite cool. $1.5 million gets you 30 acres and 15 buildings, including a 118-year-old general store that's still operating. Located in Northeastern Wyoming.

About 15 people live in the town on a state highway midway between Devils Tower National Monument and Sturgis, South Dakota, famous for its huge annual motorcycle rally. I have road on this highway a lot as a kid visiting Wyoming where mys sister was with her family. This is a premier spot for tourists during the summer months.

The last town sold was Buford, population 1, sold for $900,000 and was renamed PhinDeli Town by its new owner to promote a brand of Vietnamese coffee sold there.

If you buy a town you can change the name!

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