Many of us dabble in a few things in the summer months. I tend to do a lot and so I have a lot of items for the hobbies I partake in. So it was time to organize since I use this stuff more.

I have a bit of fly fishing gear, hiking/backpacking and my longbow stuff I utilize on a regular basis.

Making a plan to try to be organized if you are on the go. Using totes and spare space. I used a spare closet I had just used for random things. It works great for the gear I grab and use. Now I just have to figure out where to put the vacuum which use to reside there. talks about assessing the situation, making sure you know where you want things, what you are going to do and making that plan I had mentioned. Organizing can be hard if you go in without an idea.

If you don't have a spare closet. Totes and bins are your friend and can be used compactly too which is nice. They also mention banish and box, don't keep things around you won't need for awhile.


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