A new event will be added to this year's Ravalli County Fair arena events. It will be the finals of the Summer Barrel Racing Series, starting Wednesday, June 23, at the Hamilton fairgrounds arena.

Fair Manager Melissa Seville said there will be four events leading up the September fair with July 14, August 4 and August 18 as the other three nights. "Time onlys" will run at 5 p.m. and the racing at 7 p.m. each night. The women with the 10 best times will compete during the Ravalli County Fair's Bulls and Broncs Night September 2nd.

There is even prize money for the winners. Rod Freeman of Bitterroot Ranch Properties, Eagle Drilling and Beard Livestock have donated cash as incentive to the barrel racers. At the fair, the winner will win a custom saddle. So, the interest in the series is high. There is an entry fee, so, for more information, check the Rockin RC Barrel Racing Facebook page or you can call Jean at 406-239-4354.

This summer, during the times when barrel racing is not happening, the arena is open to all sorts of horse activities, including barrel race practice, of course. The arena is open to Ravalli County residents at $5 a day or $25 for the year. For more information, contact the fair office at 363-3411 or their website. The theme of this year's Ravalli County Fair is "Blue Jeans and Rodeo Scenes and will be September 1 through September 4 in Hamilton. There's plenty of rodeo action with Ranch rodeo Wednesday night, Bull Riding and Cowboy Bronc Riding Thursday night, and NRA Rodeo Friday and Saturday nights.

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