New Year's Eve is a great excuse to get all dressed up and dance the night away, but it can also be a night of high expectations. If you want to insure a night of fun, here's what you need to avoid on New Year's Eve:

  • Overhyped parties: Don't waste your time on a party that is filled with strangers and expensive drinks just because it's the supposed "place to be." If you actually want to have fun, spend the night with close friends and family at a place you feel comfortable.
  • Your Ex: Don't go where he's going – you will either get upset that he's there flirting with someone else or you will end up sleeping with him and regretting it the next day. Start the year off on the right foot!
  • Putting pressure on the midnight kiss: If it happens. it happens. If not ... so what?! Do you really want to swap spit with someone out of sheer desperation?
  • Giving yourself unrealistic resolutions: Give yourself something that you have to work for but that is attainable. And don't tell yourself you are going to hit the gym on New Year's Day after a night of drinking and partying into the wee hours!
  • Drinking too much: There's nothing like a good champagne buzz, but there is nothing worse than a champagne hangover. You won't look fondly on your New Year's Eve night if you feel horrible the next day.

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