The Unofficial Comfort Food for Montana

Meat Pasty
History lesson: Back in the day, miners from Eastern Europe and and other places that love savory pastries would pack these things away before descending into the depths of the mines with their canaries and long facial hair. And though I normally associate pies with delicious fruits and holidays, I’ll make an exception for these hardworking gents and the popular Montana trend they started.

Here are more states from amazing list of the unofficial comfort foods of states in America.
Here’s a rundown of some of the most notable – or unusual – foods on the list:

  • Alabama – Pecan pie
  • Arizona – Chimichanga
  • California – Fish tacos
  • Delaware – Scrapple (a fried mix of pork, cornmeal, and flour)
  • Louisiana – Gumbo
  • Michigan – Coney dog (with all-meat chili sauce, mustard, and onions)
  • Mississippi – Mississippi Mud Pie
  • Nevada – Anything from a buffet
  • New Jersey – Taylor Ham sandwich
  • New York – Buffalo wings
  • North Carolina – Barbecued pork sandwich
  • Ohio – Pierogi (Polish dumpling
  • Washington – Cedar plank salmon