As the weather get nicer, the first thing that pops into my head is grilling meat on the barbecue. There is nothing better than being outside when the sun is shining and smelling some delicious steaks, burgers, or sausages. Although before you can make something delicious on the grill, you need a good cut of meat. Here is my list of favorite places to get a great piece of meat to grill to perfection.


  • 1

    H & H Meats

    1801 South Ave. in Missoula
  • 2

    Missoula Fresh Market

    Locations on Broadway and South Reserve in Missoula
  • 3

    Diamond Bar Meats

    1500 South Russell in Missoula
  • 4

    Lolo Locker

    6220 Caras Lane in Lolo
  • 5

    Rosauers Meat Department

    2350 South Reserve St. in Missoula

    Kim Williams Trail in Missoula!

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