We got a nice email in from Kenny Marjerrison.  Kenny is the Plains Public Schools Technology Coordinator & Head Wrestling Coach.  Like a lot of extra-curricular activities at school these days it's up to the parents, kids and coaches to raise more and more of the funds to operate.  Here's what the Plains Wild Horsemen are up to.

The Plains wrestling team is selling Christmas trees and wreaths this weekend and next weekend at the Wildhorse Elementary School in Plains.

All trees are just twenty bucks.  Three sizes of wreaths are also available.  Free hot cocoa and candy canes for the kids.  What a deal!

The kids will be selling the trees from ten a.m. until dark at the school.  If you'd like more information you can call Kenny at 406-396-7036.

How good is that going to look on your resume that you helped out the Savage Horsemen?  Darn good, that's how good.

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