Please, don't freak out while reading this story and accidentally step on your George Foreman grill.

Ogren Park has been doing Trivia Tuesdays all summer long, and many of them have honed in on a specific theme, like Harry Potter trivia, Disney trivia, Star Wars trivia, and sitcom trivia. I've been going most weeks, and those are the ones I tend to do best at... at least when it's a theme I know a lot about. We did pretty rough over the last couple of weeks, between Jeopardy trivia, which ended up being pretty hard, and Beer trivia, which I thought I would be pretty good at but man, that one backfired.

I think I'm back in the game this week, though - On Tuesday, September 8th, Ogren Park's trivia night will be themed on The Office. Now, I'm not an obsessive on the show like many others are, but I did watch it back when it originally aired on TV and was really into it then. I think there's a lot of Office trivia floating around in my subconscious that's just itching to come out.

They're expecting a big crowd for this one, so I'd recommend getting there early and securing a table. Doors open at 6:30 and trivia starts at 7:30. It's free to get in, but if you want to spend $40, you can secure a fire pit, eight domestic beers, and a smores kit for yourself and up to 7 friends. Will you be checking this out?

This week's theme: The Office
Better study up - because this will be the toughest Office Trivia you've ever...

Posted by Missoula PaddleHeads on Thursday, September 3, 2020

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