With Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert not together, there is a new country couple that everyone seems to really like. She isn't a singer or much of a celebrity although, he says that fans ask more about her than him. I'm talking about Thomas and Lauren Rhett. If your fans of these two or follow them through social media it is easy to see that they are very much in love. And I think most people like to see people that are truly happy stay together forever. They almost seem like a fairy tale couple.

They have been together since high school and whenever you see pictures of them together they are always smiling. One of my favorite things about Thomas Rhett is that he has instructed his bodyguards to remove women that get to close to him or start flirting. His relationship means so much to him that he doesn't want anything messing that up. In my book, that is a real man.

In my eyes the new "it" couple in Country music is Thomas and Lauren. Other than Tim and Faith who do you think of as a strong couple in Country music?


    Billy talking with Thomas Rhett

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