I have been thinking about what to write here for days now, it's hard to put into words sometimes how much one person can mean to you. My wife Savannah is celebrating her 30th birthday today. She is unbelievable, the most loving, kind, and generous person I have ever met. Savannah is beautiful beyond belief, and I feel lucky everyday to be married to her.

She deserves to be showered with presents everyday, just like it's her birthday. After talking with Savannah over the past few days she is just thinking of today as just another day, but it's not. Thirty years ago today the world became a better place because she was brought into it. She truly is one of those people that when you're around her, you can help but have a huge smile on your face.

I know that I have found my soul mate in life, and feel so lucky to have found her so early on in life. I want to have celebrate as many birthdays with her as I possibly can. And not just because I want to eat cake with her as our dogs try to sneak a bite, but because she makes every day better.

Love you Savannah, Happy Birthday!


    Koda and Gypsy playing in the water

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